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    FMP-9 TO FMP-12


      I am running FMP-9 on an iMAC (running El Capitan).  I have been getting error messages.  Is FMP-9 no longer compatible with El Capitan?  If so, is there a tutorial that walks you through the transition from 9 to 12 (or the latest version). 


      I taught myself FMP-9, but got lost with 12.  The later versions of FMP seem so advanced.  Is there anything that simply says, "This is how you do this in 12 versus how you did it in 9?"  Or, "... What you did in 9 is now done this way in 12"?


      Any assistance or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

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          It's entirely possible that version 9 is not compatible with El Capitan. I haven't heard that, specifically, but it's a very old version.


          What exactly are you having trouble with in 12 (and later)? There's no step-by-step guide that tells you how to accomplish every conceivable task, but if you have something specific, the folks here can probably help.


          It's worth noting that the only major change between the .fp7 format and .fmp12 is the layout rendering image engine and the use of styles and themes. Lots of new goodies were added, but nothing that makes you change how you were doing things before (even if it might be a good idea).

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            Benjamin Fehr

            Just open your… .fp7 Files (FMP9) with FMP12 *) or newer and FM will convert the "old" files into … .fmp12 Files.


            *) do yourself a favour and skip that miserable FM12 disaster.

            (FM13 was pretty stable, FM 14 again with too much bugs, FM15 is fast and reliable and nice )


            You can download a FM 15 trial version to get a impression of the improvements. But put that damn' FM12 crap right to the trash!

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              Don't hold back. Tell us how you really feel about v12!   :-D

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                Benjamin Fehr

                Well, I guess you know my feelings about FM12 and I think I do him a great favour to tell.

                It's also fair to say that I'm very, very, very happy with FM15!


                - absolutely reliable

                - stable

                - and fast. I even get great performance with FMGo15 to FMP Host via cellphone network



                It's worth to buy the FMP 15 Advanced (believe me, you want the Script Debugger and Data Viewer).


                Such nice words. I think RickKalman should read this

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                  Thank you gentlemen for your "suggestions" for FMP-12.  Not sure if I am ready to spend $400 for FMP-15 Advanced.  I saw a upgrade version for about $150.  Any additional suggestions or should I save my cans and bottles and by the Advanced version (not really sure if I need all the bell and whistles)?

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                    Benjamin Fehr

                    You want the Advanced as soon as your next script doesn't work as expected.

                    FMPro is fine if you just want to convert and run any existing solutions. For intense development, you want the bigger engine and the air condition

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                      Markus Schneider

                      there is no guide 'v9 versus v12' - but FileMaker (12...15) will convert .fp7 files fine into .fmp12


                      FileMaker 9, 10, 11 won't run smooth (in different aspects) under 10.11, one gets black screens, white relationship-graph-window when moving an item, etc - but it should run. Fonts and Plugins can be (cause) an issue. I personally don't have any V9 installed anymore, V11 runs - but has issues when developing.

                      Customers are running V10 under 10.11, from the user's point of view, it seems to be OK besides of issues with exporting to xls, printing, date-format in some languages, etc...


                      If You got a FM12 version, You can use that - although it might have issues with 10.11 as well. Run the latest patch for V12 and take care for slowness... FM12 will (with bigger files) slow down after a while of usage - and crash! Just restar FM when it gets slower... Under Windows, the latest V12 wasn't that bad.

                      Compared to V15, the V12 is a 'no-go'

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                        Thank you gentlemen for all your suggestions.  As much as I hate to admit it, it sounds as though my best option is to move up to FMP-15 Advance.  It probably has 75% more functions than I need.  However, before I lay down $400 for the software (or $150 for the upgrade to run my existing program as is), I have one last question.  Does anyone know anyone in Oregon that could walk me through the conversion to 15?  I know the program will upgrade on its own, but once it has, I won't know how to work the new features (my problem with 12 and why I stayed with 9).  Thank you in advance.

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                          FileMaker Consultants, Data Consultants, Database Consultants

                          FileMaker Training Series | FileMaker

                          FileMaker Training and Tutorials | Lynda.com




                          These are some good resources for finding training and consultants. Dive in!  

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                            Thank you for all your suggestions.  I will use them before purchasing the latest version.