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Table summarising presence or absense of other records

Question asked by user27101 on Aug 19, 2016
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I have a table of Sessions. Each session can occur or not, in each of 12 working weeks (the same session can be repeated in multiple weeks). To represent this I have a related table of "Session Occurances" with fields SessionID and Week. The presence of a record in this table indicates that the session occurs in that week.


The existing system used is an Excel sheet in which each session is a row; there are 12 columns, one per week; and an "x" in a week column means that the session takes place in that week.


How can I recreate this in FileMaker - probably with tick boxes instead of x's in columns - so that there are 12 columns in a table which indicate the presence or absence of a SessionOccurance record for that session and week, and which create or remove those records when ticked or unticked?