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Discussion created by Cécile on Aug 20, 2016
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We manage a lot of "stories" (complaints) and decisions as well as the Codes of Ethic we apply in our evaluation of the cases. As I am designing our new system, I want to improve dramatically our search ability by giving it the flexibility tags allow, without getting the information spread wider than necessary across too many tag words.


Maybe there is already a plugin that exist for what i want to do; I'm just too new to FM to know about it.


Here are the challenges.


  • I want the ability to aggregate tags to the pool but only if it is unique enough; otherwise, I want it to be added to a "tag family" (cluster of related words/expressions).
  • The tag familly should be able to contain misspellings, disregard accents, dashes, separate or joined composed words (non-related, nonrelated, non related, non relié, not related)
  • Some repeat across families should yield all the families for the user to pick the appropriate tag.
  • We need to be able to log and search in either French or English without it affecting the number of results obtained.
  • Ideally autosuggestions/autocomplete as we type
  • The app should test the word entered to suggest a family if one exist that has semantic relation with the word entered
  • Adding new tags should be automatic and done on the spot by user confirmation
  • Any member of the family represent the entire family (the repeats across families should pop up a unique individual from the desired family in parentheses: eg: siblings(sister)



Soup{broth, bouillon, soupe, consommé, potage, cream, chowder, chaudrée}

Food poisoning {Intoxication alimentaire, contamination, e. coli, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, vomissements, diarrhée, poison}

Contest {concours, jeux, games, bingo, lotterie, lottery, épreuve, event}