Printing Portal Data in separate List Layout

Discussion created by sccardais on Aug 20, 2016
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I have a layout based on Table A that contains two portals - both referring to Table B.


Relationships between Tables A and B display different data in Table B_Portal 1 and Table B_Portal 2.




I want to view / print / export a list report of the contents in TableB-Portal 2 ... outlined in red above. The list may be more than one page.


I have created a separate List layout based on Table A (green jagged box above) and added fields from the TO used to display the data in TableB-Portal2. This is not working.


TableB_Portal 2 has a GTTR button on each row that goes to a single related record but I want to see a list view of all of the records in this portal.


How can I do this?