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    Create User Interface Table


      I Want To Make This Table For My User interface , who can help me to make it?

      i really have problem on user interface


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          post a screen shot of what you have.

          have you gone through the FileMaker Basics training?



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            i want to make same as that form but i don't know how can i do that

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              Before you can design this interface, you need the right data model--the correct tables and relationships.


              What have you set up for tables and relationships in your file so far?


              What you have, can't read the language, looks like you need at least two, probably more tables linked in relationships.


              Something like:


              Orders---<LineItems>----Menu     ----< means "one to many" relationship


              Orders::__pkOrderID = LineItems::_fkOrderID

              Menu::__pkMenuItemID = LineItems::_fkMenuItemID


              This would allow you to set up a portal to LineItems (to make the list of ordered items in the center of your screen shot) with a value list used to select items from Menu and look up the current prices for them as specified in the Menu table.


              If this is difficult to follow, you might try taking Beverley's advice.