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    Charting TypeOfActivity per customer



      Am trying make a chart on each customer layout where it shows how many activitys has occured per customer. Every activity have a Type field that include one of the values: Email, Vmail, Fax or Phone.

      I wanna count how many of these activities per customer and make a chart of this. I seem to get an total chart for every customer when am making it.

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          And how are your tables and relationships set up?


          Do you have a customer table linked to either a table of activities or to a join table that is in turn linked to a table of activities?


          If so, you can do this, but not easily from the customer table. It's much simpler to do from a table based on the related table either activities (if no join table) or the Join table.


          To chart from customers will require extra effort--such as using ExecuteSQL to produce the subtotals as a list of delimited values for a delimited value chart.

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            Thanks for reply. I was doing this from the customer table yes, and experimented with the data source tab in the chart dialog, and I managed to do this with a count field from a related data source