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Go to Portal Row in IWP

Question asked by TerryCarlson on Aug 20, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by okramis

FileMaker Pro Advanced 10.3 with FileMaker Server 11.5


Documentation says that Go to Portal Row works with IWP in my situation but when I return from a related record I am always in the first record of the portal rather than the related record I selected.


My script contains the following:

Set Variable [$mypr; Value: Get (PortalRowNumber)]

Go to Related Record [From table: "Student Schedules"; Using Layout: "Student Schedules" (Student Schedules"]

\\ Then I have an IF statement that does some things.

\\ After those things are done, I return to the layout with the portal.

Go to Layout ["Require Students" (Teacher's 7th Hour Attendance 2)]

Go to Portal Row [Select; No dialog; $mypr]


This all works great when I run it on my personal computer (I get back to the portal row where I selected the related record), but when I run it through the server I always end up in the first record.  I realize that I am using older software, but it works great for everything that I need it to do except for the Go to Portal Row...hopefully someone has a working solution.