Filemaker 15 crashes when re-building dependencies

Discussion created by Abingdon on Aug 22, 2016
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Hi All,


Windows 8.1.


A few times a week I will take a copy of a FM14 Server hosted database (always from the backups folder) and put it on my laptop.  Just to
do some local experimentation and testing.


When I open the copy locally for the first time using FMPA 15, Filemaker will start re-building dependencies then crash. Doing the exact operation with FM 14 is fine.  Once the dependencies have been rebuilt by opening in FM14, FM15 will then open it up with no problems.


It’s a reasonably large database – 40 files but it's all data, no images. I’ve never had this problem in FM14.


It’s not a massive problem I guess, but I’m curious as to know why.


Windows error log attached in case it helps.