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Grand Total of Summary Fields in filtered portals

Question asked by sccardais on Aug 21, 2016
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I want to show the total of the Orders Received and Orders Canceled columns at the bottom of each column (outlined in red on attached screenshot). Adding the Summary fields in the portals to a Trailing Grand Summary part does not work. It shows the value of the last records rather than a total of the columns. I've run into this problem before but cannot remember how to fix it.


More Info if Needed


The layout is based on table: PRODUCTS - one record per Product. Global fields in PRODUCTS hold start and stop date ranges used to create relationships to another table: ORGs. These global date values are set by the User in the row near the top labeled, "Group by Date Ordered."


Each row in the body is a record in PRODUCTS. The first column "Overall" shows summary data by Product in an un-filtered portal.Orders Received is a summary field (ORGs::s_CountOrders that counts non-blank values in a Date Ordered field. Orders Canceled is the same - it counts non-blank values in ORGS::DateCanceled. The adjacent columns show summary data from ORGs in single row, filtered portals based on the number of days entered above each column (I.e. 60, 180, etc.) Retention % is an unstored calculation in ORGs 1 - (count Date Canceled / count  Date Ordered). I would like to show this at the bottom of each column, too.