Calculation field cannot be indexed - Is there a work around?

Discussion created by ac311 on Aug 21, 2016
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I have a contact management solution that includes tables containing equipment data (equipment type, make, and model) the contact may own. I'd like to make it more robust by providing quote generation as well as invoicing capabilities. The quotes I'd like generate involve indicating the equipment at the contact's location. So I began an  invoicing solution (courtesy of Guy Stevens) the layout I have has invoice metadata with a portal that has line numbers for the items purchased or quoted.


I'm trying to incorporate the make, model info into the line items portal using a dropdown select the  foreign ID of the contact's equipment while displaying values from a second field. The secondary field is a calculation field. The Calculation Field that contains System Type, Make, Model info in a single field. I get the following error: “C_UnitDescription” (Name of calculation field) will not work because the field “C_UnitDescription” cannot be indexed. Proceed anyway?”


I looked on online and cannot find a solution that applies to my scenario. My only thought is to convert the calculation into a text field, but not sure how to do that? Any suggestions?