Themes and Styles...what road to take...

Discussion created by TonyWhite on Aug 22, 2016
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Hi All,

Themes and Styles are a powerful and complex feature. With great power comes great responsibility...

Good documentation helps developers plan a roadmap through complexity. Here is a Work in Progress “FileMaker Themes history and roadmap” document that others might find useful.

FileMaker Themes history and roadmap_2016-08-22_v5.png

If you want a Theme family that supports FileMaker Web Direct, and is NOT deprecated, your choices are:
* Classic Refined
* Aspire
* Minimalist Theme

The Minimalist theme (introduced in FileMaker 14) has some advantages over the Classic Refined and Aspire families in that the Default Styles are NOT Layout Part dependent. Aspire and Classic Refined on the other hand have (hidden) Styles where if you put a Layout Object in a Header Part it will look different than if you put in a Body Part.

For this and other reasons, there are advantages to using a Theme from the Minimalist Theme family.

We, like many other outside consultants, have a variety of clients using FileMaker 13, 14, and 15

Many of our clients use the Custom themes that we provide.

Therefore the big question...
Is is possible and/or is there a downside to using a Custom Theme that is based on Minimalist and deploying to a client that is currently on FileMaker 13?

Comments and corrections welcome.


All the best,

Tony White