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Button Bar Conditional on User Position on Page

Question asked by on Aug 22, 2016
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I am writing a vehicle checklist solution with a very long set of fields, and I have placed a navigation bar at the top so the user can jump around easily. Now, I can navigate him to major sections using a standard button bar: "Front Seat," "Second Row Seat," "Cargo Area." However, I'd like to be able to break it down more. Is there a way to make a button bar that is set conditionally to the user's position on a layout (by pixels or something else)?


This way I can have the major navigation bar, and if they are in the "Front Seat" section, the conditional button bar can bring them to "Air Conditioning" or "Gauges" or "Seat Controls," etc. If they are on "Cargo Area," I want that button bar to have choices for "Cargo Dimensions," Cargo Door," Spare Tire," etc.


I could do it by setting globals if the user used the main navigation, but the users won't be using it, mostly they will be going down the list by tabbing or scrolling.