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    Find/Replace Not Working for Multiple Words


      I am using the menu "Edit - Find/Replace All" option to do a find of Covered Entity's Name and replace with ABCD.  When I perform the operation, FM15 tells me it has appropriately searched all the fields and records - but it does not do any replacements.  I then do the search with just one word - Covered - and it will to the replace.


      I have tried surrounding the phrase in quotes - but that also did not work.


      Does FM15 NOT support find/replace of multiple words?


      Am I doing something wrong?


      Eventually I want to move this to a script - so also concerned if this will work under that context?


      Thanks for your guidance in advance.

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          There are a number of reasons Find/Replace wont work.  Check FileMaker Help on your solution and look at "Find/Replace troubleshooting" to rule out the obvious things like calculation fields, privileges.

          Try it with the 'Perform Find/Replace' script step (make a one step script) and see if that works.  If it does, you can change the script with variables that take input from the user to make it dynamic.

          Find/Replace is not something that should be done often, usually with a one time clean up of data.  So it's not a script I would leave available to many users.

          You can also post a sample of your file for people to fiddle around with

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            Thanks for the suggestion...Steve.


            I did figure out what was going wrong:


            FM 15 does a great job of preserving items that are pasted into a field and if you paste from another application that uses special "markup" - FM preserves that - but doesn't understand what to do it with - as best I can tell.  Basically meaning will retain formatting (fonts, color, size, bold, italics) but it doesn't understand what field codes are.


            When I pasted the content into the fields in FM15, it preserved the Field Codes from MSFT Word along with the formatting.  Field code contents cannot be interpreted by FM15, so it cannot perform a find/replace on those items.  If you strip out the field codes before doing the copy/paste of the data Find/Replace will work correctly - net net - if you are pasting data from another application that uses any types of field codes - you shouldn't expect Find/Replace to work.


            If there is a way to get find/replace to work with field codes - that would be great.  Open to ideas...