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    How to show percentage content with a shape and color?


      I was wondering how to create a progress-bar type "shape" in FMP, and if I knew, I forgot.


      With an object oriented environment, as with most of them, if you have a shape, call it theShape, you can send it messages like:


      theShape.width = 0.75 (or whatever units are applicable)


      and, you could thus have simple code like this:


      if (theShape.width > 0.75)

            theShape.color = "Red"




      Being able to update the shape's width could then be tied to an event so you can see progress. Easy.




      Yet, in FMP, since I can't send a message to an Object, I'm not sure how to do dynamically update a bar (shape) showing completion. I'm sure the solution will involve, gulp, global variables, but even then, I don't see how the shape can see how to adjust itself.


      It's probably easy to do in FMP, right?


      Thanks in advance.


      P.S. I see there are some third party utilities, but I am looking for a native way to add a shape I can control into a progress bar - showing amount completed - from within FMP.