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if-then test does not appear to be working within loop

Question asked by macmesser on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by brucewilson

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 3.47.55 PM.png

I'm having trouble with the above script, which is supposed to break out discrete values from a field "Features" that contains variable length lists of values. The script works record by record and gets the count of the values, placing it in a global variable "$$lengthValList". It then loops through the list and retrieves all the values, one per iteration, by using a GetValue(Features; $$valIndex) expression, where $$valindex is starts at 1 and is incremented by one in each iteration until the loop is exited immediately after $$valIndex in incremented (SSlengthValList + 1). The looping through values is intended to find specific values with an if-then test (within the loop) and if present write these values in to specific fields. This is the part that is not working and it seems the test is simply ignored. The loop does cycle through the values in the input field "Features", is properly exited, and the steps following the loop are executed. I'm not all that familiar with scripting FMPro Advanced v. 12 so hopefully I'm just trying to do something the wrong way. Any insights appreciated and thanks in advance for help.