Same table - same field - different TO's - different values

Discussion created by hampdentech on Aug 23, 2016
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I'm baffled by this latest one and it's probably something very simple that I'm missing so maybe I just need someone to point out the obvious.


I have a calculated field in a table based on one of the other fields in the same table. Here is the calculation the value is based upon.


Case ( Completed = 1; "Completed"; Completed = 0 ; "Incomplete"; Completed = -1; "Completed" ; "Unknown" )


I have one form #1 based on TO # 1 which shows one value "Incomplete" and another form #2 based on TO # 2 which shows a different value "Complete". The correct value in the table should be "Complete" as form #2 using TO #2 is where this value is set.


I've checked several times and have displayed both the value of the "Completed" field as well as the value of the calculated field in both forms. They are both different, yet they are both based on the same table.


How can this be? Again, maybe it's something very obvious that I'm just not seeing so if anyone can kick me back on course I'd appreciate it.