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      Hello, I have been trying for some time to find out what exactly the deployment options & Requirements are.  What I want to to do is sell an app that I created to random people who come to my website, have them download and install it on their computers.


      Can somebody briefly sketch out the ways that might be done, or even better point me to some documentation?  I would really appreciate it.  Sorry if this is dumb and elementary, but I'm afraid I'm just not knowing the correct terminology to search for.  Thanks!

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          Get FM Pro Advanced and build a runtime?

          (see FM documentation for details)

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            Unfortunately, FMP does not give you an "EXE" or an "APP".  Their business model is to push FMS, their expensive server product for really anything beyond a single user installation. There is a web publishing capability, but that's not what you're describing, either.


            Therefore, for your case, each user would need to have a copy of FMP, but not necessarily FMP Advanced.


            That's a huge ask for folks who want to just "run your app", right?

            The FMP runtime only works with up to nine users and the last time I tried it -- on the same network, code and data were merged. Also, the run time is currently "Deprecated", which means it could disappear from the product at any time in a future version.


            Or, you need to spend big bucks to get FMS, get a server, get it all working, etc (you can rent a limited FMS server online for starting around $40/mo.). Once you do that, if you do that, they could use the web to run your app. But even after spending all that money, not everything works in the browser I've read either (PDF limitations). Plus, if you had multiple users running the same app, you'd need some way to have users log in and keep them separate so they wouldn't all see the same data. Again, not what you're describing.


            Therefore, FMP, using it's distribution model as a decision criteria, doesn't sound like a good fit for what you're describing - unless you want to go the FMS ($$$) route. It really sounds like you're thinking more like doing iOS apps or Windows EXEs (or Mac APPs). FileMaker does not follow that model, unfortunately, FMP's distribution "model" is my biggest gripe with the product and why I only use a single user version on small Access-type apps. For how I use FMP, I really really like it. But, I wish almost everyday I could create an "EXE" or "APP", royalty free (and especially FMS free) and be able to distribute them where they would just run - even with multiple users. That's exactly how Visual FoxPro worked for about 15 years.


            I'm assuming others will jump in here and give you other points of view, but that's my take.


            HOPE THIS HELPS.