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FMGo continuously disconnects

Question asked by sprynmd on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by sprynmd

We are having continuous problems with FileMaker Go disconnecting from the server.



iPad Air 2

iOS 9.3.4

FileMakerGo 15.0.1



FMS (70 hosted databases)

Windows server 2012R2 (all updates applied)

Database has extended privilege of fmreauthenticate480


Wireless network

Aruba model APIN0205 (



After launching FMGo, I locate the server and open the file entering user name and password which is authenticated through Active Directory.


I leave the iPad alone with settings to not sleep for 10min.  No other apps running.


99% of the time, in about 75 seconds I get a message on the iPad: "Communications with the host was interrupted.  Do you want to try to reconnect?"


I select "Yes" and the spinning cursor churns for a while then a new message is displayed: "The file "DBName" could not be opened.  Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host."


If I try to reopen the DB using the "recent" list, I am asked for a password even though the extended privilege is set to "fmreauthenticate480".


If I select "Hosts", FMGo seems to no longer see the server.  Initially it shows the server name, but if I click on the name it disappears and FMGo churns saying "Looking for hosts...".


Setting a "Favorite" host using IP address then selecting it immediately shows the hosted databases.  I can now open the database.


The symptoms end up being the same: disconnect after 75s, need to re-authenticate, and repeat.  But eventually even the favorite-by-IP server can not be seen.


I set up a ping app to check the FM server and it never showed any failures over 10 minutes.


Side note

One situation we discovered last week which seemed to guarantee this scenario was an apparent bug in our Aruba wireless access points.  We had a bad DNS entry configured in Aruba that we knew about, but it was flagged as disabled.  Even though it was disabled, those bad DNS IP addresses were still being fed via DHCP to wireless devices but only to Apple products!  Mac's, iPads, iPhones were being given the disabled bad DNS values.  Windows and Android devices were given the correct settings by Aruba.  When we deleted the disabled entry from Aruba, the Apple devices started getting the correct DNS addresses.  Everything seemed to work for a week, but the symptom is now back even though we still see good DNS values in the Apple devices' network settings.



I'm not sure where to go next.  This is perceived by IT as a FileMaker problem because no other wireless devices are having trouble.  People who are developing in-house products using Android tablets are having no trouble.


Suggestions would be appreciated.