FMS 15 connecting to GoDaddy / Wordpress via ODBC

Discussion created by EricBrown on Aug 23, 2016
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Ok, here's the overview... I'm setting up a demo for a company to show the power/flexibility of FM. They want to be able to connect to their WordPress website database directly from Filemaker.


1. set up FMS 15 on a local machine (iMac 2GB ram, OS X El Cap 10.11.5), activated ODBC on the server

2. used FM14 Adv to lightly modify a starter solution, set it to use ODBC and then hosted on the server, tested connection and I'm all set there. 

3. set up a GoDaddy account, set up the cPanel info, and the WordPress plugin with a demo page. In cPanel remote MySQL, set the database to accept connections from the FMS IP address.

4. downloaded ODBC Manager

5. downloaded most recent Filemaker ODBC bundle. Attempted to configure FM ODBC and the DSN failed to connect to database server.

6. decided to attempt different ODBC package, downloaded mysql-connecctor-odbc-5.3.6-osx10.11-x86-64bit.dmg and installed. Again, DSN failled to connect to the database server. was informed I needed to do a more in depth config using that and to try Actual-ODBC.

7. downloaded and installed Actual-ODBC free trial. Configured the system DSN using this and succeeded in testing the DSN connection.


Great, I've got a valid DSN connection finally.


8. Configured the External data source in the FM solution. Set it up as an ODBC, specified the correct DSN, set authentication to specify user name and PW. Removed any filters.

9. Attempted to create a TO in the Relationship graph using the ODBC source, and it repeatedly asked for user name and password for the ODBC source.


For some reason the FM solution will not accept the username/pw to authenticate the connection.


When I reached out to FM Support, I mentioned that when I configured the DSN, the default port was 3306, when I changed and tested using FMS default of 2399, it failed to connect. They told me that the default port setting was fine. They were unable to come up with a solution to this problem at that time.


Any suggestions?