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Found Count greater than Record Count

Discussion created by Bill Krauss on Aug 23, 2016
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I was getting errors on the initial sync with a client's database using 360Works MirrorSync, and I was convinced it was a MirrorSync problem. With lots of help from Jesse Barnum at 360Works, we determined that it's actually a FileMaker problem.


Of course, it took several days of digging to figure it out. Once we did, creating a brand-new database file that reliably reproduces the issue took 10 minutes.



Bill Krauss


Product and version: FileMaker Go 14


OS and version iOS: 9.3.2


Hardware: iPad Air and iPad Retina


Description: It's possible to have FileMaker Go show a found set greater than the number of records in the table.


How to replicate:

Create a new file with two tables. Have primary key (UUID) and modification timestamp fields.


Create a startup script with the following steps...

Go to Layout [ "layout 1 name" {table1) ]

New Record

Show All records

Omit Record

Show Omitted Only


Go to Layout [ "layout 2 name" (table 2) ]


Go to Layout [ "layout 1 name" ]


Enter Find Mode [ Pause: Off ]

Set Field [ Table1::timestamp_mod ; ">1/1/1"

Perform Find []


Set the startup script to run on first window open.


Move the file to an iPad, either by URL or via iTunes and cable.


When the file opens, hit the button at the bottom of the screen to show the found set. The number of found records will be 1 greater than the number of records in the table. The "Omitted" count will be "-1".


Workaround (if any)


Insert a "Commit Record" step after the "New Record" step.