Best Practice to Create Records via Relationship

Discussion created by isamudysan on Aug 23, 2016
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as the title states, what would be the best practice to create records via a relationship?  below is an example of what i'm trying to accomplish:


TableA                TableB                    Summary

  g_ID                    ID                              ID

                         g_newRecordID          TableBID_fk


allow creation of records between TableA and B is simple to set up, but correct me if i'm wrong.  the relationship between the two looks lilke:

     TableA::g_ID = TableB::ID


if that is true, then that relationship was made correctly.  the problem that i came to next, however, is the creating of records between Table B and Summary.  what my desire is to a create record from Table B to Summary as soon as the record from A to B has been created, and or iwhen the record creation process begins in TableB.


would Set Variable and Set Fields be something to use to create records from TableB to Summary?  for this attempt, my relationship between the two tables were:

  1. TableB::g_newRecordID = Summary::ID
  2. TableB::ID = Summary::TableBID_fk
  3. TableB::ID = Summary::ID


my attempts were based of a script that had, i believe, 12 Set Variables and Set Fields.  that's probably not a good script, right?  the other option that i read else where was to Go To Layout either in a New Window or in the same window.  i really don't like to the GTL option, if i don't have to use it.


please, give me your thoughts.


thank you greatly.