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    Invoice Starter Solution


      In an effort to learn more about designing layouts for the iPad, I had a look at the Invoices starter solution.  I started to take it apart to see how the functionality was created.  And that may be my problem!  I have now broken how part of this solution works, and I'd like to try and understand how and why.


      In particular, on the layout Company Dashboard | iPad I un-grouped the objects that comprise of the navigation indicators for the charts, the {{filename}} <<Current Month Name>> <<Current Year>> and Chart items to see how it was put together.  After regrouping the elements the navigation didn't work properly.


      I tried to find the cause, and in the end found that just un-grouping and regrouping the elements caused the problem.  There were no warnings.


      I could 'fix' the problem by copying and pasting the grouped elements from the original Invoices starter solution (I was working on a copy).


      I'm using FMPA15, most recent build.


      Would anyone be able to shed some light on what I'm missing?


      Many thanks,



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          Johan Hedman

          I recommend you to read the FileMaker Training Series

          FileMaker Training Series | FileMaker

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            Starter solutions are just kind of proof of concept type db's.  I think it's fine to poke around, but best to build from scratch.

            In your case, take a new copy of the starter solution, and run the navigation while watching it with the Data Viewer, to see what is happening.

            Most likely when you ungrouped, you received a warning message about something being set up as a button, which was probably tied to a script.  When you regrouped, you needed to set the group as a button to perform a script.


            FileMaker Training Series is ok, but a better read for a complete newbie is FileMaker:  The Missing Manual, and Richard Carlson's videos.

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              Hi Folks,


              Thanks for taking the time to respond.


              I have some Filemaker experience - I've been using it since version 8, though I am not a professional developer.


              I have recreated the functionality in a new layout, but I am still puzzled why just ungrouping (no error messages or warnings) and regrouping the same set of objects causes the functionality to change - or is this one of FileMakers 'undocumented features"?


              I prefer the 'In Depth' series of books by Jesse Feiler and published by Que. His style of writing and the information he provides IMHO makes for a more engaging and informative read.

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                I would have been with SteveMartino on this one - you would have seen a warning dialogue to confirm that you want to delete the button-action attached to that group of objects.

                FM will not remember what the original button-action was, so simply re-grouping them will leave it with no button-action until you re-instate it.


                I tried it, to make sure my memory was correct, and sure enough: group some objects, assign a button-action to them, and when you Ungroup them you do indeed get the warning dialogue.


                But: if you assign a button-action to an object, and then group that object with more objects, and then Ungroup that collection, then there is no dialogue.

                However, in the first scenario (Group, then assign) the whole group acts as the button.

                In the second scenario (assign, then Group) still only the original assigned object acts as the button.


                So: I think the Group you Ungrouped did contain a button, but it was only one of the objects in the group that had the button action assigned.

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                  Re: "So: I think the Group you Ungrouped did contain a button, but it was only one of the objects in the group that had the button action assigned."


                  However, in that case the single object formatted as a button would still be a button.

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                    You beat me to it - I thought of that a little later.  I have no explanation.

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                      Alan, you are correct in that the group of objects contained text boxes, and a couple of buttons, though as far as I could see, the button action was not assigned to the grouped objects.  Previously I had proceeded to un group one of the buttons, then a warning message was displayed.


                      So, 'undocumented feature'?

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                        "Previously I had proceeded to un group one of the buttons, then a warning message was displayed." - that is exactly as expected.