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Invoice Starter Solution

Question asked by PaulSeabright on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by alangodfrey

In an effort to learn more about designing layouts for the iPad, I had a look at the Invoices starter solution.  I started to take it apart to see how the functionality was created.  And that may be my problem!  I have now broken how part of this solution works, and I'd like to try and understand how and why.


In particular, on the layout Company Dashboard | iPad I un-grouped the objects that comprise of the navigation indicators for the charts, the {{filename}} <<Current Month Name>> <<Current Year>> and Chart items to see how it was put together.  After regrouping the elements the navigation didn't work properly.


I tried to find the cause, and in the end found that just un-grouping and regrouping the elements caused the problem.  There were no warnings.


I could 'fix' the problem by copying and pasting the grouped elements from the original Invoices starter solution (I was working on a copy).


I'm using FMPA15, most recent build.


Would anyone be able to shed some light on what I'm missing?


Many thanks,