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    Graph in Homepage


      Hi All,


      Good Morning.


      I have a homepage layout & graph(Bar) chart report in another layout.


      Have to show that graph in the homepage! Is it possible?!


      How to do it?


      Suggestions & Solutions Most Welcomed!!


      Thanks in advance,


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          There are a number of options, but which will work in your particular solution?


          That would depend on how you have designed your data model. On what table occurrence is your Homepage based? On what table occurrence is the layout where you have your bar chart based? Is this a Filemaker Chart object or did you use some other tool to create the chart? What chart options did you specify for the x and y series of your data (assuming that this is a chart object)?

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            Hi philmodjunk Sir, Thanks for the reply!


            Here the complete reference:

            Actually it has two tables, Table1 - Home, Table2 - Entry


            Table 1 has two fields, such as Name, CountStatus

            Table2 has 75 fields, in that major is "Status" field, there are three type of status are there which are Running, WIP, Closed.


            So I have already prepared a individual report & bar chart report based by Status Field.


            But i required to show that graph in homepage, but dont know how to make it in correct way!


            Please suggest me to do it best!


            Is there any clarification required, Please let me know, im ready to answer!


            - Suresh

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              Johan Hedman

              If you already have a relationship between Table1 and Table2 you can easily create a chart of you data


              Here is a good link to a step by step education on how to setup Charts in FileMaker


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                If your homepage has its own table occurance i.e dashboard or home.


                Find the data tables that you want to display. Create a Table Occurrence of them then join them to your home or dashboard table through a cartesian join. (Edit Relationship > Drop in the middle and choose the x)


                This will display all records but you may want to create some sorts and filters. It would be advisable to use Related Records on the Data Source and summarize groups of records.




                You could use ExecuteSQL to populate the  graph labels and data. Although scripting this may be slightly harder but would achieve more specified results.

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                  Somewhere i did mistake! Dont know where i did!


                  Please suggest me for the clear picture!


                  Model Attached : Link


                  Suggestions & Solutions most welcomed!!


                  - Suresh

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                    Johan Hedman

                    There is nothing wrong with your solution, you just need to make sure that if you run FileMaker WebDirect you need to sort on your field Status to get the graph to appear.

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                      Ok johanhedman, Thanks for the suggestion!