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popover in a portal that houses another portal (workaround)

Question asked by ezeitgeist on Aug 24, 2016
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I am trying to create a layout in which I have one portal (which houses all the Key Steps in a single Long-Term Goal) and then be able to click on a button on one of those Key Step portal rows and have a popover open that houses a portal to Tasks that build to complete that Key Step.


Yes, I know a popover portal from a portal is a Filemaker no-no.


HOWEVER, I found this tutorial that uses a script and an invisible portal hidden on the layout:


What I am looking for is a combination between the options. I tried to build off of Demo 2, but I don't need the Tab Control, I just want to put a portal in there. What part of the code do I change, or is there a better way?


ESSENTIALLY: I want to have one layout that has a portal has 3 virtual columns, in a sense. The 1st (left) column is a portal that lists all of a person's "Goals". This is the easy portal. The 2nd (center) column would be a virtual portal, it would be an invisible popover that houses a portal so that when ONE of the Goals in the left column portal is clicked, the middle column portal (invisible popover) shows all the Key Steps that go into that one selected Goal. THEN, the 3rd (right) column, is a last virtual portal, another invisible popover, that lists all the Tasks that go into a Selected Key Step in the center Key Steps portal/popover.


I would use a script triggered by a button in each portal to open the subsequent related popover/portal.


This way you could house a hierarchy of portals within the same layout, essentially. And then there would need to be a script triggered by navigating away from this layout that would then close the 2nd and 3rd popovers automatically.


Is this possible? Because if so, it would be awesome. If not, is there another way to do this without just repeatedly opening new windows? Or, is opening new windows of related records the smartest route?


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