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    Grey horizontal boxes appearing in subsummary parts on list view


      Hi there,


      We are experiencing a bug with FileMaker Pro running on an iMac (OS X 10.11.6). This client machine is connecting over a LAN to FileMaker Server running on Windows Server 2012 R2.


      Please see attached screenshot.


      Whenever a user scrolls a list layout (which is comprised of a header, a body part, 2 leading subsummary parts, and 1 trailing subsummary part), FileMaker is displaying grey horizontal boxes going across the entire screen where leading subsummary information would normally appear.


      This user has an external display connected to his iMac, and this is happening on both his internal display and his external display. (His internal iMac display is set as the primary display.)





      Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 2.39.10 PM.png

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          Benjamin Fehr

          I'm curious:

          - is this with 1 client only or can you replicate with others also?

          - has change of FM Zoom Level (currently 100%) any effect on this issue?

          - are coordinates and field size (points) odd or even? => 102.725pt. OR 102pt *)


          I saw rendering issues when coordinates where NOT set with even not fractal values

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            Thanks for these great thoughts.


            Interestingly, we are only seeing this with one computer, so I wonder if it is something specific to his machine.


            I checked the sizes (width/height) and coordinates (top/left/right/bottom) of all fields, all layout objects, and all the actual layout parts themselves... and everything had whole integer pts... EXCEPT for the body part which had a fractional value for its height. I just made this a whole integer. So now, everything on this entire layout has a whole integer for its size & coordinates. (In the past, this layout DID have many problems where FileMaker was assigning those crazy fractional values to all the sizes & coordinates of everything on the screen... and I had cleaned them all up at some point in the past. Looks like I might have missed the body part in the past.)


            So... I just asked him to test again right now, and he is NOT CURRENTLY having the problem! I wonder if me adjusting the body part to a whole integer point made the difference here???


            He will test again tomorrow to see if the problem crops up again. If it does, I will also ask him to test the zoom level at that time.