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    Web Interface




      Has someone seen why the lauyout in the webdirect version is not aligned? Also, I can't click at the center of the button and in the search bar.. See the images. The desktop version works fine, it just happens with the web version.





      Do you think that this is about the way in which the solution was made?


      The solution was done in a File Maker 12 version and what I did was to upload the database in 15 version.


      Can we upgrade the fmp12 file to 15 version? Does it possible to do?


      Thank, I hope someone can help me.


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          You should really read up on webdirect as this is a known issue due to the way objects are rendered.

          Their are several rendering anomalies in webdirect that you will have to work around.

          Webdirect is also browser sensitive because their is no industry standard way of dealing with HTML5.

          I would read the webdirect guide.

          Make sure you also check out youtube for the richard carlton consulting web direct video.

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            If you go into Layout mode, you will most likely see that the layout is using the Classic theme. It's no longer supported, and in my experience, using it causes display issues in WebDirect. Convert the theme to something else, and you'll find fewer display problems.

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              Johan Hedman

              First off, you need to redo all your layouts from scratch and use a FileMaker Theme and not stay with FileMaker Classic Theme to make FileMaker WebDirect work good.

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                • avoid object layers (stacked objects in same location)
                • make sure you have a good WD theme
                • verify that the script steps are still valid for WD (some that were ok in IWP, are not in WD!)



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                  redo? not realistic for some large IWP solutions converted to WD. we are working on 250+ layouts! These were very sparse with elements in IWP, so a change to Minimalist Theme only left a few objects to 'fix' after change.



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                    Johan Hedman

                    Minimalist is a pretty good workaround

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                      I have changed the layout theme to Minimalist and now the scroll down works.. but I still have the same problem with objects that are not aligned. I have noticed stacked objects specially on the buttons and I don't want to re-create or redo all objects


                      Is there any other good theme for WD?

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                        Changing the theme is just the beginning.


                        I've had good luck with a number of different themes, but each object on each layout will work better for you if they are actually set properly for the theme. In the Inspector, if you have objects that display a red arrow, those have "local overrides", and those are more likely to give you trouble.


                        Once you get everything set up properly and applied...it is well worth the trouble. Open your database, and open a WebDirect window at the same time. Your changes will be displayed in very close to real time (whenever you re-enter browse mode).

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                          I got this arrow with blue and red colors , does it mean that they won't work properly?


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                            No, it means that there is conditional formatting applied to that object.