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Conditional formating of Tab control

Question asked by Cécile on Aug 25, 2016
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Grumph.... I've been fussing with  this for an hour last night. What I am trying to do seem simple. How to get what I want to happen.


I have a Tab control object with 2 tabs.

I have created 2 styles: HasNote and NoNote

The first tab is Customer, Second tab Notes.


When there are no notes, I want the tab name to be displayed normally

When there are notes, I want the tab to use the style HasNote (which essentially is Highlight Bold Red)

I made sure to uncheck the "tab share single style" box in the Tab Control settings dialog. (but I tried manually applying just the style HasNote to only one tab: both tabs get the format anyway.)


On the "conditional formating" dialog, the "value is" option is not available. So I have tried these various formula but none produce the expected result....


formula is:  If ( IsEmpty (Files::°ConcernsInTheirWords) = 1 ; Replace ( "Notes" ; 1 ; 5 ; "No notes" ) )


formula is: If ( Files::°ConcernsInTheirWords = "" ; TextStyleAdd ( "Notes"; "NoNotes" ) ; TextStyleAdd ( "Notes"; "HasNote" ) )


formula is: If ( Files::°ConcernsInTheirWords ≠ "" ; TextColor ( "Notes" ; RGB ( 100 ; 150 ; 200 ) ); TextStyleAdd ( "Notes" ; "default" ) )


Thanks for your help!