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    Script for a button to save records.


      Hi all!

      I am using trail version 15 to evaluate software and making a small and simple database. The users of database need to enter records in different forms. We want them not to able edit or delete record. Searching this community I found that I can remove delete button and menu commands. So I done that and succeeded to set user privilege to avoid them to edit records. But it was working only those records which were created in old sessions. For current session, it do not work. Should I create a button to save records? If so what is the script for that.

      Appreciate any help and suggestion.

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          Save records = script step Commit Records.

          I would strongly suggest that you learn when FM causes a commit before trying to change that behavior.

          its one of the strong points of FM in that it just saves the data all of the time.

          Instead of removing the delete button is not necessary because you can overewrite the normal function of the delete button with a custom menu set and a script to supply the action.

          Sounds like your somewhat of a beginner ( guessing) so its a pretty advanced technique.

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            Johan Hedman

            First of I recommend you to have a look at the free FileMaker Training Series

            FileMaker Training Series | FileMaker


            Then for your problem, in the Security part of your database you can create different Privilege Sets for different groups of users. You can set a Privilege Set to not being able to delete records. Not being able to change records and a lot more.