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How to filter a portal base on multiple criteria

Question asked by CrimesTechno on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by philipHPG

I'm trying to display records from a table  "licence"  link to  table "logiciel "  . There is a table "temporaire" that is a list value "active", "archivée" and "toute".In the picture I put a green  square around StatutLicence  and the value keep in the licence is 0 1 or nothing.     I've tried a lot of thing in a script but my data doesn't refresh.

What  I want is to filter data when I click on the radio button.  If temporaire::StatutLicence ="active" I want all the records licences that the value of Licence::statutLicence" is 0 or nothing.  If  Temporaire::StatutLicence ="archivée" than I want all Licence::statutLicence" that equals 1. 


What  instructions should I put in my script to be able to send a request to the table "Licence"  and to display the information in the model. 


Thanks for your help, InterfaceLogiciels.pngschemaDonnées.png