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Copy data to table with muliple options

Question asked by Tom_Droz on Aug 24, 2016
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FM14 Windows


I have a solution where I have a "Shop" table and layout based on "Shop".


My customers would like to select common "Shop" billing that they could select from that would then prepopulate the "Shop" record


So if they pick option "1" maybe 20 fields would populate

.Option "2" maybe 35 Fields different fields and different data


They would want to create their options on the go and the options might change from time to time.


Anyone do something like this that they feel is a good solution?


My 1st thought was to duplicate the "Shop" table as "OptionShop" and recreate the layout from the original, then have them create as many Options (each its own record) as they want in the "OptionShop" layout.  Then script a copy from the "OptionShop" to the "Shop" when needed.  Another Idea was to link the 2 tables with each field having a "Lookup" that could be refreshed by script


There are about 200 fields and it seems like a lot of scripting.


Any other creative solutions?