FMP-Advanced & Excel

Discussion created by Dobieg5750 on Aug 25, 2016
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So have been experimenting and researching the best way to link data from FMP to Excel...want to dump selected records into a spreadsheet prefer to dump table 1 into one tab, then table 2 into another but from what I understand you can only dump into a workbook once...i.e. one tab and it only creates a new workbook...again, from what I've read.


So instead I began researching linking the FM Database to a spreadsheet...heck, in my Excel for Mac even see a link to import from started to get excited. Of course when I try to import, Excel pops up and says I need FMP installed to do this. Well I have FMP 15 Advanced...but it just won't work.


The goal is this...I need to create exhibits that manipulates a lot of data...and comparing a number of records against a target record (relation to average, rank amongst record set, etc) that is really easy to do in excel but seems terribly hard to do in the reports in FM. So I figured I'd dump the data I needed into pre-designed excel workbooks (like I used to do in Access) and the fields can populate themselves with the raw data I've dumped into hidden sheets.


Any help or point in the right direction (linking FMP-A & Excel or better ways to dump into excel WITHOUT deleting existing spreadsheet data or just confidence that I can do some of this IN FM) would be great.


(& sorry if anything is unclear).