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    Count unique records in a found set


      Hi Everyone,


      I'm not a programmer, but a fast learner.  I have a database of Courses watched by date; and I am trying to count the # of users that logged in to the system to watch a course within a date range.


      Since a user could have watched 15 courses, I need to count the unique user records.  I have this working as a whole using the following method in the field calculation:


      1 / GetSummary (TotalCount ; LocationField)


      Although, I have discovered that I would need to write a script to produce a correct result for a found set.  This is my trouble (as stated before I'm not a programmer), however, I can find a few scripts online but am unclear which fields would be the list field (where the script gets the data) and the return result field (where the end value displays).


      And any provide a script they've used and let me know for "fieldname" which field they have used (list field or result field).


      I apologize for my laughable language to the programmers, and thank you in advance.


      Thanks again,


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          If all you need is a count then


          ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT DISTINCT COUNT(user_field_here) FROM your_table WHERE date_field BETWEEN date_1 AND date_2" ; "" ; "" )

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            Thanks, but when I add this calculation to the field I get a ? as a result.  Should this be a script?

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              You can generate this with an ExecuteSQL() calculation:


              ExecuteSQL("SELECT COUNT(DISTINCT userKey) FROM videosWatched WHERE dateWatched >= ? and dateWatched =< ?";"";"";reportStartDate;reportEndDate)


              The bold portions are things you would need to match up from your table, you can also pass variables in place of reportStart/EndDate




              The second method would be to use the getsummary function as you described.


              To need that you need a summary field (totalCount in your example), so create one called "countKey" or something that is a count type summary of the userKey you have.


              You then find based on dateWatched to make sure your found set only contains the "watched" records included in your report.


              Next you need to SORT the found set by userKey (locationkey in your example), otherwise GetSummary doesn't work.


              Last, you need an unstored calculation field to run and display the GetSummary function you posted.


              To script the find:

              Enter Find Mode [ no pause ]

              Set Field [ table::dateWatched ; reportStartDate & "..." & reportEndDate ]

              Perform Find

              Sort Records [ userKey asc ]



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                you cannot just say BETWEEN and list the fields, you must supply values (or ? - parameters to these fields to get the values).

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                  David Moyer


                  regarding the ? result, you don't need a script.  The most likely reason for the ? (sql error) is syntax, including using SQL keywords.  Here's the FM guide for SQL:


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                    That's because its pseudocode to illustrate the use of sql with distinct, count and between operations.

                    You'll have to substitute your fields and play with it to get it to work.

                    I like to provide clues and let people solve the details for themselves in the hope it leads to better learning.

                    Mikes example got it right.