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Discussion created by peterbb on Aug 25, 2016
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I'm very, very green to databases. I'm just formally getting FM Pro in the next week or so. Please bear with me.

I'm designing a pretty simple database that will basically act as a tracking mechanism to image workflows here at my company.

On my server there's a scheduling application called FileTrain. Basically, it looks for image files in designated input folders and performs actions on them. Those actions might include some sort of conversion and then copying and moving to other destinations.

  1. First off, I want to notate a time/date stamp on when any file hits my server.
  2. Then, I'd like to notate particular points in the image's workflow. FileTrain has the ability to talk to FM, so, I can do that.
  3. I'd like to gather any error messages that might come up and have them display in FM.
  4. Once images reach their final destinations, I'd like to know that. We have a corporate image database that's based on Oracle. So, I'd like to have full synchronization between my FM database and that Oracle database. Basically, for each image type (PNG, TIFF, EPS, GIF, etc.), I'd like to just have a checkbox telling me that that image format is over there. Maybe a green light there or something. And, if it's not there, a red light?
  5. Any errors that might happen with FileTrain, meaning, the actual processing of the images, I'd like to capture in my FM database.


So, for this Oracle synching, I created "navigation checkbox sets" there. How do I synch with that Oracle database and populate these fields with either a checkmark, a green fill, whatever?


Thanks a lot. I'm sure I'll be asking more in the future, although, I guess I can get a lot of help from the FM help desk, too.