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    Cant Exit if Remote Disconnected


      Dear All,


      I'm working my FileMaker files by Remote option, but instead of Internet connectivity issue, it got disconnected. Sometimes it asks for Re-Connect, but most of times it wont Re-Connect(Verified Pinging - Connecting Server without time-out) or got stuck.


      While the time i edit if disconnected means i cant Save the layout(Exit Layout) or Cant close FileMaker application also.


      Day-by-day I'm facing this issue more!


      Config: FileMaker Server 12 Advanced / FileMaker Pro 14 Advanced.


      Suggestions & Solution Most Welcomed!!




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          Thank you for your post.


          When FileMaker Pro/Go connects to a hosted file, the hosted file continually checks to make sure the client is still connected.  When the client closes the file, the host will detect the client closing and no longer monitor the client.  If the client loses connection (either by computer freeze or computer going to sleep), the host will try for about two minutes.  If the client cannot be detected, then the connection is dropped.


          In your case, the host file can no longer detect your accessibility, so the connection is dropped.  Monitor your network to make sure port 5003 remains open.  If there is a firewall, temporarily turn it off.  Try resetting any routers.


          Does the disconnect only occur with your computer?  That is, do others also run into the same issue?



          FileMaker, Inc.

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            TSGal, Thanks for the response!!


            Tested that 5003 port is in open, Turned-off Firewall for sometime & tested. Still got same freezing issue, but i will keep try and share review soon...


            - Suresh