OnObjectKeystroke performance problem - it puts some strange marks in the field

Discussion created by quarku on Aug 26, 2016
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Hello everybody,

I have strage problem which is pretty understandable for me - computer do not follow if I'm clicking too fast on my keyboard arrows.

You will find my script in attachment.


Answering to future questions:

  1. 1. I can make it simple - like go to next row - exit after last etc. - because it creates new row automatically....
  2. 2. Also I can't "go to next field" because it’s a very complicate portal with fields visibility connected from the clients table field contains daily deliveries qty. (A lot of field there and when I have tried to use simple go to next filed with proper tab order set up - it goes to total_sum field which is tick out for browse mode ...


That’s why I had to create more complicated script.

It works perfectly when I’m pressing keyboard with "user regular" speed but when I start to go down faster for example it inputs "(((((((" this marks before the number within the filed.


Marks which filemaker is putting are different and depends on which keyboard key are you pressing to fast: % %%  or ''' (((( or &&&&&&

It looks like filemaker automatically press "Shift"+something on the keyboard.


I know that I can create the onObjectExit script which will replace those marks for nothing. But it is annoying and it can later on make a lot of questions from customers....


Do anybody have some kind of solution or solve this problem in theirs projects?