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    FMP 15 buttons not working on WebDirect


      I'm newly returned to FMP and have downloaded the trial version of FMP 15 and Server 15.  I have created 2 simple test databases and put them on the server.  One database button opens the other database.  Works fine within FMP.  But in WebDirect, clicking the button does nothing and about 3 minutes later I get this server error emailed to me:



      FileMaker Server 15.0.1 on FMP Test Server reported the following event:



      2016-08-26 07:46:38.572 -0500 Warning 661 FMP Test Server SECURITY: Client "[WebDirect-9EAAC] []" authentication failed on database "MAIN_MENU.fmp12" using "Admin [fmwebdirect]".


      Any idea what I am doing wrong or have configured incorrectly?  I have both DBs set to share in WebConnet with "All Users".




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