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Best Practice for Backups?

Question asked by BrynBehrenshausen on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by john_wolff

Hello community!


I'm going to be replacing our FileMaker server ( a 2012 Mac mini with 500GB SSD ) with a 2013 Mac Pro very soon. The Mac Pro only has a 256GB flash drive, which I'm considering upgrading to 1TB.


My current backup routine is hourly backups to the internal drive of the mini, with daily and weekly backups to an external USB drive.


With the new setup, I want to ensure best performance (that's why I'm upgrading) and I don't want backups to impede that. Our main database file is 2GB with ~80GB of external container data. Here's my plan for backups, tell me if it's flawed:


  • Live data on new 1TB Flash storage drive with hourly backups stored here as well
  • Using the old 256GB flash drive converted to external storage for Progressive Backups (FM recommends storing these on separate drive) and daily backups.
  • Existing external HDD for weekly backups, and a daily backup with 0 retention that get's mirrored to NAS in different building for offsite backup


If you have a better recommendation for offsite backup, I'm all ears. The reason I'm going this route is because I don't want to backup 80GB across a 200Mbps fiber link every night, I have file servers that are hogging that. I figure the 0 retention backup would mean it would act like an incremental backup to the NAS, only copying the changed data.