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Filemaker Server 15 Simulataneous Connections

Question asked by goldencode on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by planteg

Hi everyone,


I have installed Filemaker Server 15 on virtual server,





From Admin Console


--> Database Server


It says "Your FileMaker Server license does not restrict the number of simultaneous FileMaker Pro client connections."


Here is screenshot:



--> Web Publishing


It says "Your FileMaker Server license does not restrict the number of simultaneous Custom Web Publishing connections."


Here is a screenshot:






The Questions


First, what is actually the difference between the limit to the database server and the limit to the custom web publishing connections? And is Filemaker WebDirect considered as custom web publishing or it does only mean PHP and XML?


Second, what about the following limits?



The table below lists the tested and theoretical maximum simultaneous connection limits for FileMaker Server 15. Tested maximums reflect the test configuration and do not represent a guarantee of performance.

FileMaker Server 15
ClientTestedMaximum allowed
FileMaker Pro250Unrestricted*
FileMaker Pro (for User Connections)100100
FileMaker Go100100
FileMaker WebDirect100100
Custom Web Publishing (CWP)**2002000

*Connections are limited only by hardware, app design, and operating system.

**Multiple users can share a single CWP connection. CWP connections are based on simultaneous request events, rather than persistent connections.


Limits source: FileMaker Server 15 Technical Specifications | FileMaker





Thanks a lot for your time.