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Alter the default filename when choosing 'save as pdf' from print dialog?

Question asked by justinc on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2016 by philmodjunk

When you go to Print something from FM and the 'Print ' dialog shows up, on OSX there's the 'Save as PDF' option down at the bottom left.  If you select that it gives you a file-choosing dialog so you can pick where to save it.  At the top, there's a default file name already filled into this dialog box.  The default appears to be the name of the FM DB file that is open.


Is there a way to programmatically change that filename?  If I do a direct 'Save as PDF' then I can set it.  I would like the same filename that I build up for that branch of the script to be used in this branch.