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FileMaker Pro 15, Applescript and Sierra

Question asked by bertrand on Aug 26, 2016
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System : MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Late 2013) 16 GB memory SSD 500 GB

Operating system : Sierra 10.12 Beta 5 (16A294a)

FileMaker Pro :


I know that Sierra is not a public version but it will be provided by Apple in some days and I've detect a problem with FileMaker and AppleScript.


I use Applescript in FM solutions to switch printers or change setup for printer.

Within El Capitan and FileMaker Pro 15 there is no problem but when using the same FileMaker files and Sierra, I got errors.

A sub process launched when using Applescript crashes and report an error signal to FM which display a 1004 or 1005 error.


You can see the errors in the joined file.