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Saving Previous Values

Question asked by dig on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2016 by dig

Hello All – I am still learning, as a result I am certain my question has possibly been answered a lot on the forum, the problem is I don’t know what the process or term is for what I want to do so I cannot search for it.


We have heavy machinery, and instead of an odometer we have an Hours meter typically 6 digits long but could be more (we tend to sell them at 10000 hours) this hours meter is how we invoice.


It is critical for us to keep the hour meter records for all plant for all time. In addition we need to keep the data that was changed and by register the person who changed it.


I need to be storing the saving the current once a new entry is entered, but where and how is this best handled?


Would someone be willing to point me in the direction of knowledge to read or create me an example to review so I can learn please?


Thank you.