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    Saving Previous Values


      Hello All – I am still learning, as a result I am certain my question has possibly been answered a lot on the forum, the problem is I don’t know what the process or term is for what I want to do so I cannot search for it.


      We have heavy machinery, and instead of an odometer we have an Hours meter typically 6 digits long but could be more (we tend to sell them at 10000 hours) this hours meter is how we invoice.


      It is critical for us to keep the hour meter records for all plant for all time. In addition we need to keep the data that was changed and by register the person who changed it.


      I need to be storing the saving the current once a new entry is entered, but where and how is this best handled?


      Would someone be willing to point me in the direction of knowledge to read or create me an example to review so I can learn please?


      Thank you.

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          David Moyer


          I'm sorry that I can't quite understand your needs, but I'm certain that you can use FM to build a record of machines and the numbers on the chronometer/hourmeter over time as the machines are checked in/out.  You might look through a few of the FM "Starter Solutions" (File>New from Starter ...).  You might need to hire someone to build a custom solution.

          (p.s. it occurs to me that I might be the only contributor here who owns a backhoe/loader.)

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            "I need to be storing the saving the current once a new entry is entered, but where and how is this best handled?"


            Why not create a new record for every new entry? This is the nature of database systems. If you need the new record to capture the last hrs recorded, there are ways to do this...

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              Think of your database solution like a "mileage log" where each row in your "log" records a different odometer reading, the ID of the machine, the date, etc and each row would be a different record in your table.

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                Hi All - I have attached a simple example of what I am needing.


                As you can see, when a record already exists and the Hours field is populated with 1234.


                I need the value 1234 to be saved "somewhere" when new hours are entered at a point in the future, so when the hours meter reads 5432 I can go back and see how many entries for hours were entered.

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                  I've looked at your file.


                  Several of us have already told you what you can do. Make one new record each time that you want to record the hours of operation. Create a new table for this so that you can keep your current table with one record for each machine and set up the new table as a place where you can use multiple records to record the hours for each machine. You can link the two tables by your ID field and set up a portal to the new table as a place to record your hours.

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                    Hardly several people, No you have not answered my question to my mind.


                    I do not want to add a new record for the same piece of plant each time to add a new hours value, to me this defeats the whole point of starting a database, I would be better of sticking with an excel file.


                    History logs for field or record changes? - FileMaker


                    Modification Log By: John Mark Osborne URL:



                    Field Modification Tracker By: Bob Cusick URL:



                    Tracking Modifications By: Steve Wilmes URL:



                    Field Modification By: John Mark Osborne URL:



                    Comprehensive Audit Tracking System By: Ray J. Cologon URL:



                    Thanks for making the effort to try and help, thanks!

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                      David Moyer

                      I'm certain that was not what Phil was suggesting.  He was saying that you need to have a related table of "events" and would add additional records to that related table.

                      You would have two tables.  One for machines and one for events.  You would relate the events to the machine.

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                        Thank you Phil for your assistance. I understand now what you were saying.