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FM 15 sub summary print problem

Question asked by synergy46 on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by philmodjunk

I have a membership application.  It tracks 'members' and 'visitors'



My input 'portal' looks like this  and it works well.




But, as many have previously pointed out, using a portal when printing is problematic. 


I thought I would produce a sub-summary report grouping by visitors and members.

(instead of using a portal)


I need the ability to produce a printed report for a specified meeting date grouping by Members and Visitors.



I can base my SSummary report on MemberMeetingJoin and get all the Members.  Or, I can base

my SSummary report on VisitorMeetingJoin and get all Visitors but if I base the report on Meetings I

get just the first member/visitor for each date.  (makes sense)


I thought I could create a 'temporary' table holding the Members and Visitors but when I wrote the import

script it complained that "Import can not import onto itself". 


I realize part of the problem is the DESIGN of my tables (this app was a learning experience that I started about

3 years ago) and that I needed 'identifier' fields (member or visitor) in a single table; but it is too late to

change the structure.


Have you any ideas?