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DDR shows missing field in script, but field not in script

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2016 by Stephen Huston

We're trying to clean up a DDR to submit for SBA approval.  So we are getting rid of all "Missing" instances.  We have one really strange field that shows up in 4 times as missing in a script, but if you look at the scripts, it is no where in there.  Below is a picture of the DDR.  We're showing just the simplest of the scripts.  We have combed through the script looking for anything "Missing" (used 2Empower and text search in DDR).  If you search through it, the word "Missing" isn't anywhere in it.  We looked in Perform Finds and to see if it was a field in the Show Custom Dialog box input.  But everything we look at has a real field in it that we can find in the database.  We then thought maybe there was some corruption, so we did a recovery of the database and it behaves the same way too.  Neither the "Manage Database" nor anywhere else in the DDR does it show a missing field.  Just these 4 scripts. 


Does anyone have a suggestion?  Has anyone else seen this happen before in a DDR?  Thanks for any ideas.