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    Update entry based on value List (Based on a table)


      Filemaker 14 ADV, Windows


      I have a table "Parts"  And a Table "Shop"


      I have 9 fields in SHOP for t parts description , where the Drop Down Selections is from "Parts"


      When a selection is made I want the other data in "Parts": to come over to that line item in "Shop" (Part#, Price. Cost, etc)


      I also need to have the option of entering a Part in Shop that is Not entered in "Parts"


      The "Shop" is not a portal to "Parts", nor do I want it to be.


      Any thoughts on how to do this?



      "Parts" Table



      Shop Table

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          You say that you "don't want it to be a portal" but that's exactly what you need here as the alternatives are far more complex and needlessly so.


          But it's not that Shops should "Be a portal". You need a new, related table linking shops with parts. This is a standard invoicing structure and the settings in such a related table of line items can be very easily and simply set up to use either an auto-enter calculation or a looked up value setting to copy over any data from parts that should be copied.

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            Phil has good advice.


            You really need a join table for this from what I can see. If you want to do this in List view you can, but somewhere you will need a single row portal for making new selections. Maybe I am not understanding the usage between Parts and Shop.