Summary fields not updating

Discussion created by flukey on Aug 28, 2016
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Using FMPA 15 with Windows 8.1.


I have a simple list view that is based on an invoice table.  The invoice table has a pending balance field that is defined as the (invoice amount - the invoice payments).  The invoice payments is defined as a sum of payments from a related table.  The pending balance updates properly and instantly reflects the correct value.  However the summary field, defined as the total of the pending balance never updates until I change layouts and come back to the invoice layout.  Refresh window with flush cache does not do it.  Commit does not do it. going from one record to another does not do it.  Doing an omit to change the found set instantly updates the summary value to the correct amount.


This is a simple list view that I have done hundreds of times, but this one is not updating.  I have run the file through recover but it comes up with no errors.

What am I missing?


I have attached a couple snapshots.