OnObjectSave trigger not firing for external tables

Discussion created by gobbles on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2016 by FileKraft


I am working with Filemaker 11.


I have a script set to fire in a portal 'OnObjectSave'. The script inserts some text into a field in the current table depending on the value just inserted in the related table.


I need to present the database in a separate filemaker database (I have to include tables from three separate databases in a single UI)


The script and trigger work fine when used inside the actual database, however it is not firing at all when I try to call it from the host database.


The host database is able to modify and add content to both the portal and fields in the main database.


It does not seem to matter whether I call the script from the external source or recreate it in the host database.


Is there some issue with 'OnObjectSave' not firing if the table being saved to is external? And if that is the case is there some other way to start the script?