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    fmp:// links don't work in webmail


      We send fmp:// links to hundreds of our users via email... they look something like this:




      The problem is that the fmp:// link is only recognized within the native mail apps for Mac, PC, and iOS.


      Once the users log into their email accounts at any website (such as gmail.com) using a web browser, the web browser doesn't recognize the "fmp://" part of the clickable hyperlink, so Gmail (or any other webmail system) only displays fmp:// links as:




      Which, of course, doesn't work when the user clicks on that link, because the web browser translates that as:




      This happens in ALL web browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and it happens with ALL webmail systems.


      So, it seems like we need FileMaker Inc. to get the "fmp://" protocol more widely recognized throughout the industry... otherwise, the fmp:// link is NOT a reliable tool that we can send to people via email.

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