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    Showing "latest updated to system"


      I have three tables: Users, Connections, Contacts.


      Connections is related to Users by User_ID, and Connections is related to Contacts by Contact_ID. There is a created date field on Contacts.


      I am trying to add a layout item in a Users layout that shows the latest Contacts added to the system. I tried a portal but it only shows the latest Contacts added that an individual User had already made Connections with. I want all new Contacts to show up under all Users.


      How do I achieve this?

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          Johan Hedman

          Create a new field in your User table and use Max() function and you will get the highest date, meaning latest date

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            I'm a little confused. The Mac () function will give me the latest date of ... what exactly? I am trying to get a list of the Contacts updated to the system in the last 7 days to show up in a portal for all Users to see. I can do that with a calculation on date, it is the being able to be seen by all Users that is my issue. Does Max() solve that? I am missing connecting the dots fully on this one. I appreciate the help!

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              Create a new relationship between users and contacts. Use their respective ID fields and choose the "x" relationship. Use this relationship for your portal. You can sort the relationship by date descending, or you can do it in the portal options.

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                It sounds like you need a new relationship. One that to all contacts that meet specific criteria. But you'll need to explain what you mean by "latest contacts added to the system". What information and in what fields of what record identify a contact record as a member of that group?


                Might these be all contacts added today or within a certain number of days of today?


                Or all contacts not assigned to a user?


                Some combination of the two?

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                  That doesn't seem to work (unless I did it incorrectly)...


                  "Industry Rolodex" is my "Contacts".


                  Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 6.36.08 PM.png

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                    "doesn't work" doesn't help us to help you.


                    exactly HOW didn't it work?


                    What incorrect results did you get?

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                      In "IndustryRolodex" [ie. Contacts], there is a "Creation Date" field for when the contact was initially added to the system. Since contacts will be continually added, new Creation Dates will occur. I want to inform each User on their respective Dashboards [their landing page showing their specific records] of all contacts added to the system within the last 7 days. I was going to use a calculation (for now I have sorted by date descending and then just listing the latest 8 contacts added).


                      In my mind, I am looking for a way to list from All IndustryRolodex, IndustryRolodex::CreationDate > (Get (Current Date) - 7)

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                        Sorry, I noted it earlier, should have repeated. The results I get are that only the Contacts that a User already has a logged Connection [ie. Meeting] with, show up in the portal. THUS, if User 1 has met Seth, Kevin, and Francis, and User 2 has met Seth only, if Kevin and Francis are new in the last 7 days, it does not show up in User 2 portal. The Dashboard layout is in the User table.


                        AND, since no one will have Connections with the new people added, no new names will show up in the portal for the Users.

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                          The expression you gave could be used as a portal filter on your portal and then you only need add a scroll bar to get what you have requested.

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                            If you duplicated or modified an existing rolodex portal, you need to double-check that you've also changed the fields to be from the correct relationship.


                            Try making a portal from scratch based on the rolodex 2 (which I'd rename rolodex ALL) relationship. If you've correctly selected the "x" join, that should show ALL records that have a value in the ID fields on both sides.


                            You could then filter the portal based on a calculated date range. (This can get slow if you have many thousands of records, in which case you'll want some global date fields to filter the relationship.)

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                              I double heart you. You all are awesome. Got it working with all your advice!!