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    Creating a pop-up menu with a submenu


      To start off, the company I am working for is using FileMaker 7 and that's not going to change.


      I am trying to create a pop-up menu that has a sub-menu. I would like it to work much like a menu that is in most programs where you click on "File" at the top and you have several choices. Then when you hover over one of those choices, a second menu pops up where you can click on a choice in that menu and it will take you to your results.


      I would like my first menu to contain the alphabet A-Z and numbers 0-9. Once you click on the menu you can hover over one of the letters and the second menu would pop up which would contain a client list which when you clicked on the client name it would fill in.


      So if you clicked on the alphabetical list and hovered over the letter "L" you could then see all clients whose name started with "L" and then click on that name.


      Can someone please help me with this. Step by step instructions or a like to the same would be helpful.

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          Downloads - FileMaker Plug-ins Download - Dacons Limited


          This is an affordable plugin that will allow you to do what you want to do and they have a version for Filemaker 7



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            And you'd need a plug in because that "hover and see submenu" result is not possible in native FileMaker, even the latest version.


            But you can set up two menus, with the contents of the second menu controlled by the option specified in the first. This is called a "conditional value list". This is not exactly what you specified, but is functionally nearly the same and does not require a plug in to accomplish.


            Let us know if you would like to try that option and need help setting it up.

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              Thank you for your answer. We will try to do this on our own, but may take you up on your offer if we can't figure it out. I have seen some instructions for what you are talking about.

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                We have tried over the past two days to make this work using your suggestion for a "conditional value list" in conjunction with a YouTube video we found. We got close, but were not successful. What help can you offer to assist us?


                Thank you,


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                  The most basic conditional value list, the one most people are thinking of when the term is used is based on a relationship between One table (parent) and another (child) where the relationship controls which values appear in the value list just as a relationship controls which records appear in an unfiltered portal. If you can set up a portal to list records where each record(row) in the portal is one of the values in your value list, you can set up a use values from field value list to list values from the portal's table occurrence, then select the "include only related values starting from" option and select the layout's table occurrence as the "starting from" table occurrence.


                  I'm including a download link to a file with a working example of such a conditional value list. It comes with detailed information explaining how it was set up and how it works. The same file then goes on to provide examples of many other types of conditional value lists.

                  Adventures in FileMaking #1 - Conditional Value Lists