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    FileMaker Certification



      Do someone have some tips on how to pass the exam? There would be nice if someone had some exam questions or a Codemy-like file where actual questions get illustrated?

      The FTS could be too much to remember if you know what I mean.

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          There are not a lot of resources. I believe there is an iOS study app, but not sure how useful it is.  The advice I have received is to just go take the test to get a feel for it after working through the FTS

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            Thank for your input. It would be nice to have an filemaker file with all of the calculation and script tests so we could drill our self with the functions and possibilities before taking the exam. I will look into it if nobody already have made these kind of file?!

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              I think FileMaker specifically looks down on anyone compiling this kind of information. They take the test fairly seriously. This made me even expressly prohibited.

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                details of the certification tests are not available anywhere - if you take the test you have to agree to be silent about it.

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                  I do not mean actual questions from the exam ofcause. People with different strategies on learning things, there could be someone out there that have made an exam practice file with questions that is in relation to the stuff that we all know is important to know in the exam, for example scripting and calculations.. FileKraft bigtom

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                    Before I (finally) took the FM14 exam -- my first -- I also stressed over the format of the exam, the types of questions, etc.


                    Having little to no help anywhere, I decided to study the source material diligently and took copious notes, and followed the advice of jfletch here on the forum, which was: plan to fail and chalk a failure up to a "needs assessment".


                    Frankly, now that I've taken the exam (and passed, thank you), I don't think a bunch of sample questions would have helped me in any way. It's really all about knowing the material, which is all readily available.


                    Good luck on the exam, I'm sure you'll do just fine.

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                      you can only follow the instructions from FMI:


                      just learning the scripts and calculations is not enough. you must study all the exam topics that are on this page.

                      follow the links near the bottom under "Additional Information", "Certification FAQ's" & "Test Development Process"



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                        cillion after reviewing Beverly's suggestion I think it's conclusive that if you can answer the questions listed in the numbered section you'll be able to pass. I understand the frustration. I went through the same thing when I took my first Certification exam for Mac OS X Server.


                        When I got into my car after passing the exam I sat there for almost a half hour overwhelmed with the crash from the stress. You can likely find material available that might help but really if you stick with Filemaker's training materials and take notes and have someone drill you, you should at the very minimum pass the test. I will repeat take notes. There have been several studies which prove writing stuff down with a pen or pencil on paper helps reinforce material in your brain. No one is sure why but it works.


                        Good luck. I am trying to prepare for it as well.

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                          Hi cillion


                          What has helped me in my preparation is the app: FM Quizilla.


                          Note: I am not affiliated with the app, and I only heard of it because FileMaker itself re-tweeted the a tweet made by the company that wrote the app; so I'm sure they won't mind me mentioning it.


                          Edit: here's the tweet - just in case: FileMaker Inc. on Twitter: "Get ready for your FileMaker 14 Certification exam with FM Quizilla: https://t.co/JDcwey0Byi…


                          The app doesn't contain the questions that are asked in the Exam, or anything like that [AFAIK]. But going though it, I've found it helped me determine where my developers skills were lacking, and I've spent the time / energy getting myself up to speed in those areas.


                          Details are found here.


                          It's not perfect; some of the questions are poorly written. But I still found it helped me.


                          FM Quizilla 4 on the App Store

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                            Johan Hedman

                            I downloaded the App FM Quizilla. It is very similar questions that will be on the test. Also make sure to read all specifikations and as many White papers as possible

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